Benefits of Medical Billing and Coding

What is Medical billing and coding

This all seems way too technical: “medical billing and coding”. So what is this? Actually it’s a simple procedure going on every time, every day, at almost every medical unit. You, as a patient, know that you have to pay your medical insurance and in some cases pay the doctors for their services. On the other hand, for doctors, things aren’t this easy. It all gets complicated when you have your insurance. It’s logical if you think about it, once you get your insurance, your doctor would work for free. But since nobody works for free, it’s more than normal that the doctor gets paid by the insurance company. So we have defined medical billing and coding: a doctor asking for the payment of his/her services and the answer from the insurance company.

However, life isn’t that simple, since insurance companies often waste time or refuse to pay the doctors for their services. This is when medical billing and medical coding, as a job, comes into picture.

Okay, so, what do I do if I want to work with medical billing and coding?

Medical billing and codingFirst of all you need to learn everything. You need to learn which patients are those who have insurance companies that are trustworthy. Even if the insurance companies are trustworthy, you need to analyze the type of insurance and ask yourself: will this insurance cover the help of the doctor? If yes, to what level? This is important to know, because you somehow represent the doctor’s benefits and protection. It’s more than obvious that you have to refuse every patient with a medical insurance that seems not to qualify by your overview.

Once you are qualified to do medical billing or medical coding (or both), you need to think about the various opportunities. As a matter of fact, medical billing and medical coding can be considered two distinct positions. However, it is quite common for one person to handle both of them. To differentiate medical billing from medical coding, we’ll now give two short definitions. The medical coder will write the request in the form of a claim for payment. On the other hand, the medical billers do everything related to the bills. Some people who jump into this career decide that they love the medical world and sometimes decide to pursue a master’s degree in nursing which will give them more job security since they have multiple talents and skills. You can make a decent salary with either career but employers look for employees that are very valuable. Continue reading

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Medical Billing Salary

medical billing SalaryWhether the current economy status in countries worldwide is stabilized or not, whether you have an easy time or a really hard time finding yourself stable job areas such as medical, law-related, government-related are always needed. Of course youngsters are sometimes afraid to attempt and pursue a medical degree due to difficulties in learning and paying the high taxes, but medical billing is different. What would a medical biller do every day? Bill the patients based on the codes for prescriptions that were provided by a professional medical coder.

A medical billing salary can rise up to $60.000 or more! That is an awesome tool at hand and with such a salary managing your finances isn’t a headache anymore.

The potential of new careers is amazing. With old careers there are several problems due to which you have lower chances:

  • The market is partially or fully filled with specialists in that area
  • Even if you have high degree studies that is not a guarantee that you’d get a job against a more experienced person working in the same field
  • Since there is not a huge demand for new workers you might end up getting paid less than the actual job would normally offer.

However, medical billing is something quite new. It’s not like it appeared yesterday, but it became popular and requested in the last couple of years. Analysts say that there is an increasing need for both medical billing and medical coding specialists. Of course the joy is even greater if you can do both of these different jobs! Medical billing salary is quite good! Continue reading

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